Milk-Man – A Dairy Management System

Milk Man

A Complete Solution

Milk Man provides tracking and traceability for incoming milk from both farms and cooperatives through the entire manufacturing process and delivery to your customer. Our customers have the ability to use our software to track, trace and cost every drop of milk from the farm all the way to delivery to a customer. Our procurement and ERP modules are built to work together to build a complete picture of your milk movements, but most are also able to be used in a stand alone fashion, or integrated to other systems. These systems can be plant floor related like scales or meters, or larger ERP systems that aren’t able to handle milk components.

Multi Branch Management

Able to create and maintain multiple branch. means you need only single system dor your multiple branches and you are able to access any branch from any terminal

All Respective Reports

Milk Man have all respective report which can be helpful in dairy business like o Milk Bill o Check List o Mlk Receive Report o Full Summary o Shift Wise Receive Report o All Stock Report o MMPO o Quarterly Return And Many More

Milk procurement

Milk Man can help in milk procurement part o Route maintenance o Create Automatic Logical Rate List /Manual Feed o Dcs Maintenance

Feature Rich

Milk man have lots of feature that can make day to day operations very easy

Create packing In To Any Size(100Gm,200ML etc) and Also Auto Deduct Their Respective Packing Material(Film Roll, Box) From Stock

Maintaining Any No. Of Agency(Booth) Under the Parties And Also Define Their Own Rate Beyond the Party Rate •

Complete User Security Module

o You Will Create And Manage User And Also Set Their Power o User Role Also Based On Branch Wise o Rate List Showing are also maintaining

Apply Rate List For Any Criteria

o Branch Wise o Route Wise o Shift Wise

Renew Already Packed Item Into Other Packing Size Or Merge Into Raw (Like Ghee 15 Kg Tin Into 1Ltr Pack)

Define All Setting All About Sapreta Milk, Sour Milk,Curd And Define Expanse Head Percentage For Curd And Sour Milk.

Smart Pricing

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Premium Plan


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Pro Plan


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